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To the Bat Cave

I have visited Grand Cayman no less than 20 times over the past 10 years on behalf of my client who has offices here. My trips usually consist of meetings and long work days followed by delectable meals in international restaurants and sleep! Oh yeah and the beach!

It is interesting visiting as a tourist, visiting the sights and simply chillaxing with fam. I love caves so when I heard about the opening of the Crystal Caves a couple years ago, I knew that one day I’d be crawling through, discovering the underground world of Cayman.

It’s a hot day! Like seriously hot with 85% humidity so i look forward to being underground. Sadly the caves are not deep enough to make them much cooler than the surface but they are beautiful and the formations are well worth the time. Our guide, Syd is a riot!

With over a projected 100 caves sitting on over 80 acres, spelunking through three seems like not enough. But, since excavation of these three took four years with 19 men working long hours, crawling on their bellies with shovels, scraping away impacted dirt to make them acce to the public, I don’t expect much more anytime soon.

We tour the the Roots cave, so named for the banyan trees aerial roots penetrating the cave ceiling; the Lake Cave with its beautiful lake of crystal clear waters and finally the Bat cave where fruit bats hang in clusters and dart around.

The rains are threatening and I desperately need a swim but first we’ll swing by Rum Point, a return to the scene of the crime where we spent our tropical Christmas in 2018. There is so much to see and do in this fascinating World and time is short...get out there!


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