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Antarctica Adventures with a Jamaican on Ice is a 34-page children's book that features beautiful images and chronicles my journey through Antarctica complimented by a fictional cartoon character, Pedro the Penguin, who reveals interesting facts about the region throughout the book. Designed to be read by children ages 4+, the rhyming text is easy to read. However, there are facts about the fauna and region that may require adult assistance for the child to fully understand, depending on the age of the child. In this way, the book is more than just a story with brilliant pictures. It serves as a learning tool to broaden the horizons and knowledge base of both child and adult.

The book is a component in the The Aaah-Inspiring Antarctica: A Jamaican on Ice Experience. 

 Paperback $20.00

Antarctica Adventures with a Jamaican on Ice

Reading from Antarctica Adventures with a Jamaican on Ice
at Harlem Bookfair (Virtual) 2020


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.

Aaah-lnspiring Antarctica offers 100 pages of original photos of the scenery and wildlife taken while in Antarctica complimented by the text of the actual blog I wrote while there. The reader follows my journey from Buenos Aires to the Tierra del Fu ego National Park in Ushuaia and unto Antarctica where I joined expedition teams from the ship via Zodiac boats and landed onshore at Water Boat Point in Paradise Island and Harbour Island. It concludes with my cruise through the Chilean Fjords and a quick stop in Punta Arenas before returning home. 

The book is a component in the The Aaah-Inspiring Antarctica: A Jamaican on Ice Experience.

Hardcover:  $35.00

Aaah-Inspiring Antarctica

All About the Antarctica Experience on The Release, CVM TV, March 2020

Screeeem & Riot

Screem and Riot is a collection that takes one on journeys; religious, political, militancy, romance, longings and self-discovery. The raging fire for justice blazes like a bonfire throughout without apology or pretense.  365 Black holds you at attention and screams in your face. While the imagery in Red Blood Bleeding paints your mind and stays. You see, feel, hear, touch, smell, and taste pains Judith Falloon-Reid so poignantly articulates that you leave the poem wet.  Balloon and Fee Fee is a righteous sounding as Judith raises her voice and lashes Colonial imprisoned minds and their celebrated redundancies.

Malachi Smith, author of The Gathering

Paperback $10.00

Judi performing i am 365 Black at Harlem Book Fair 2018

The Silent Stones

Daunte had waited 25 years to visit Jamaica, the land of his ancestors. His mother swore she would never return but Grammy Maude, the matriarch was dying. It was time. He would go alone. It would be his only chance to learn about the history of his family and Singleton Manor, a centuries-old house that had been in his family for generations. He could only imagine the stories these old walls would tell, if only they could talk. As he unearths the truth, he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous saga of deception and secrets that span generations, cross color barriers and stretches his imagination. "Walls do talk," Grammy Maude told him. "And, if you listen, they will tell you everything!" Set in rural Jamaica, the novel moves seamlessly and repeatedly through the past and the present weaving an intricate tale of tangled family relationships, taking the reader on an emotional and historic journey through time.

Paperback $10.00

Judith reading from The Silent Stones in Kingston, Jamaica

Are Mirrors Cleaner in Paradise?

In the highly anticipated sequel, Cecile’s artistic, fun-loving friend, Anne Marie finds herself facing the challenges brought on by her own life choices. Her romantic weekend with long time lover, Stan, at a luxurious tropical resort takes many unexpected turns when she finds herself in the midst of a hurricane. Faced with a difficult decision, Stan must confront the issues in his relationships that threaten to destroy the delicate balance he had built over many years. But the turmoil is not only in the weather as Anne Marie rides an emotional roller-coaster that places her on a collision course with her family and friends as they guide her towards deep introspection.

Paperback $10.00

Here's Hundred Dollars...

       Buy Yourself a Life!

For the past few years Cecile had been living a lie. Well, not completely a lie but certainly not the entire truth. Cecile had waited too many years for the man of her dreams. After wasting so many years on bad decisions, heartache and physical abuse, she thought her struggles were finally over. Her children were now grown and it was time to live for herself. Or so she thought. Her past failures, failed relationships and deep seated insecurities followed her wherever she went prohibiting her from enjoying what little peace she found. Relentless in her pursuit of happiness, she draws upon her inner strength to survive and absorbs lessons from the other women in her life. Still she is restless. She digs deeper, fighting the urge to run away and hide from her life, her man and her God.

Paperback $10.00

Being interviewed on CVM TV 

Start the week with Monday Morning Meditations that can take you from a place of spiritual and emotional pain to a place of praise. At the end of each Meditation you will find a Bible reading and an activity to help you on your healing journey. Along the way are commentaries to help you rise above the challenges of everyday living.

Paperback $10.00

Monday Morning Meditations


Self-Publishing 101 for ANY1

Whether you are and author, aspiring author or simply interested in self-publishing, this workshop offers hands-on, practical applications, not just theories, to help you go from words on loose paper to a published book!

Paperback $10.00

 A Layman's Guide to Overcoming Tragedy


Time & Seasons will share with you a few stories from the author's roller coaster life. And what a ride it has been. This is a practical, everyday book about surviving pain and despair in the face of tragedy from the heart of an everyday woman floating above the debris of life. Time & Seasons will offer you l0 time-honored strategies for overcoming and living victoriously.

Time & Seasons

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