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Self Publishing 101

Whether you are and author, aspiring author or simply interested in self-publishing, this workshop offers hands-on, practical applications, not just theories, to help you go from words on loose paper to a published book!

It was a pleasure meeting you today at the Cayman Islands Book Fair. Your presentation on self publishing was most informative and there were many take-home points.

- Kalila

Cayman Islands Book Fair

It was great meeting you and being part of your workshop yesterday at the Cayman Book Fair.

- Michelle


Topics include:

  • Why Self-Publish?

  • Preparing your book

  • Proofing & editing

  • Selecting an Editor

  • Design elements - fonts, sizes, images

  • Designing pages, covers 

  • Choosing a printer/publisher

  • Pricing

  • EBook formats & processes

  • Marketing your masterpiece

Participants can expect to leave with a in-depth understanding of what is required to properly self-publish a book and the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether or not to hire a professional.

"Ideal for writers who are new to the world of self-publishing or need help get¬ting their books to print. Learn how to design, copyright, price and prepare your book, choose a printer and get a free Self-publishing 101 manual download with registration."

Elke Feuer O'Donnell

CEO Caywriters

Founder, Cayman Islands Book Fair

Excellent Workshop! I left energized and inspired to finish writing and get to publishing my book my way!

 - Jean

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