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Penguin Sliding towards a Dream

I'm not necessarily a fan of very cold weather and God knows I hate the heat, but recently I have been reliving my Antarctica experience through my exhibit and longing for that sense of wonder and awe that filled me while on that fascinating trip.

At the Opening Reception for my Exhibit at Island SPACE

When asked time and time again to describe what it was like to be there, the words that spring to mind are tranquil and pure. An environment void of traffic noise, blaring music, humming AC units; the silence punctuated only by the sounds of wildlife followed by the ooohs and aaaahs of the astounded few. I thank God I had the good sense to capture it all in photos and film. My aging memories will not grow dim.

I have often dreamed of living a nomadic life. Somewhat anyway. Going from place to place across the globe and living in different countries, six months to a year at a time. Enough time to soak up the culture, gorge on foods I come to enjoy and see these places like a native. There is still time yet, I am reminded, as I contemplate my next great adventure.

So much world... so little time. So many more photos to take and wonders to share, even with my limited resources. Costa Rica cajoles, Europe beckons, Asian temples await, Russian domes glitter, the wild of Alaska calls and the quest to cross into the Arctic Circle is stronger than you can ever imagine. After all, if I went far south it only makes sense that I also go far north. God and time alone will tell if I make it.

As a Jamaican Independence baby, I realize that I've crossed the summer of my life and am rapidly approaching Autumn. The resilient, insistent grays on my headtop remind me of it constantly. My creaking knees and the frequency with which I misplace my cell phone are signs that what I see in the mirror doesn't tell my true age. The clock is ticking and no-one knows when it will stop.

At Student Day @ National Library of Jamaica Feb 2020

I have never been accused of sitting idly and watching life go by. On the contrary, I eat life with both bare hands! Many times biting off way more than I could chew. But the clock IS ticking so now I must swallow life in chunks if I am to turn the rest of my dreams into reality.

My dream, my dream, my dream my dream my dream...Tell you my dream is to live my dream, hail the Most High inna mi sleep when mi see goal is to reach my goal...

(sing it like Jamaican Reggae Singer Nesbeth)

There are a few dreams left and I'll be bold enough to share these three you.

  1. To become a famous author who is known by her name and less so by her face. I love my anonymity!

  2. To live in several different places for a few months at a time. I have at least 10 on my list.

  3. To never retire from living a full life! I hope to never put on my duster, long socks with slippers and go to bed in a sweater at 6pm.

As I taught my guests to Penguin Slide at the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum recently, I realize that I'm not alone with these dreams. I may just be the only one crazy enough to do them all but the numerous adults of all ages who joined in the dance made me truly happy.

Doing the Penguin Slide meant that in the midst of a pandemic; despite all the racism that we face in the USA; in spite of the atrocities committed throughout the World everyday, there are still many of us who are dancing and working towards living fulfilling lives. Even with Tiger Balm in hand, we are penguin sliding towards a dream


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