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Blue Skies, Crystal Caves & a Mechanical Fish Head

I look out the window at bright blue skies as I get ready for the workday. Don't be fooled - the rain is coming as it has done for weeks now. I'm one of the lucky ones though - I work from home. Having downsized recently, I have traded my private office for a desk, chair and a few shelves surrounded by my orchids in my indoor garden overlooking a golf course where a family of geese, too many ducks, stately Ibis (or should that be Ibises) and a myriad of other birds dip in the man-made lake. It is a good view.

Lips in the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery

I must confess that the view is not as good as the beach view nor the Crystal Caves we explored last week while in Cayman. Yet still I feel blessed to be in such a beautiful space doing what I love - tapping away at a keyboard.

Just last week I was staring down colonies of fruit bats hanging from the ceiling of the Bat Cave, navigating my way around Roots Cave where the aerial roots of an immense Banyan tree has made its way in and marveling at the crystal clear waters of the underground lake in the Lake Cave.

The Crystal Caves are a part of an extensive cave system spanning over 80 acres on the north-shore of Grand Cayman. Only four of the estimated 100 caves have been excavated and are open for tours. They are for the most part, quite beautiful, if not very deep. Crystals shimmer and dance in the illumination of a flash light; Stalactites and Stalagmites, centuries old, create optical illusions and fresh mineral water drips from rocks.

Syd our guide

But more entertaining and interesting, for me anyway, was our guide Syd (like the sloth in Ice Age) whose depth of knowledge, wealth of experience and whose involvement in the painstaking task of digging through the caves to make them explorable, made the tour a well spent 2 hours. If you ever visit Grand Cayman - you should go!

For the past 10 years I have been going to Grand Cayman on business, and I have driven past the National Gallery hundreds of times, never bothering to stop. I wish I had stopped before. Experience peace or frustration as you navigate the labyrinth and explore the sculpture garden before entering the building.

Although small in size, the collection of art is rich in talent, diversity and even whimsy. I shall be back!

Last week seems so far away as I study my super full calendar and wonder how much more I can fit into a mere 24 hours, 365 days a year. My calendar alerts tell me i will be in Jamaica in two weeks and Seattle soon thereafter. Facebook just reminded me that this time last year I was in Cuba. I guess Old Havana will be next!

Gems from the Cayman National Gallery


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