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The Film

A thought-provoking 16-minute film about my experience as the first jamaican woman visiting Antarctica but more importantly, about the changing experiences of the wildlife and ice caps being affected by climate change and the effects this will have on us all. After all, we have but one Earth..

The Song

Penguin Slide (Down in Antarctica) Lyrics

Jamaicans go everywhere

That you should know

From the heat of the equator

To the lands down below

Hop aboard a plane

And here we go

To the White continent

The land of ice and snow.


Where di penguins play

And di seal dem stray

De Icebergs tall

And snow will fall

Down in Antarctica

Where the whale dem meet

for the krill dem eat

De ice floats by

And di mountains high

Down in Antarctica

The southern sea

Is where you'll find me

Where the Austral Summer

Makes everything warmer

But at 40 degrees

It's I too cold you see

I can't feel my toes or the fingers on my han

Cause I'm from a hot place I'm Jamaican!

Written by Judith Falloon-Reid

Sung by Judith Falloon-Reid & Malachi Smith

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